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Chico Bonsai Meeting Location

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Join Us At Our Monthly Meetings

In normal times, our monthly meetings occur on the second Sunday of every month at 10:00 am, and are held in the Meeting Room, at the Chico Library, located at 1108 Sherman Ave, Chico, CA.  

Monthly meetings cover a wide range of topics, from plant cultivation, soil mixtures, fertilizer and pest control to creative styling and staging of specimen plants.

Our members and presenters bring unusual, unique plants not often available elsewhere.

Our plant round table features members’ bonsai plant material accompanied by an informative discussion of their local cultivation requirements and pearls of wisdom by our local plant experts.

Our meetings are finished off by a raffle and silent auctions of common and not so common bonsai plant material.

About Us

    About Us   

We are a non-profit organization whose intent it is to promote the appreciation, knowledge, and cultivation of Bonsai through education, publicity, display and any other means which would advance the Art of Bonsai.

Established in Jan 14, 1976 by a core of 11 enthusiasts we have grown to 90 plus members hailing from Chico and the surrounding communities.

We conduct monthly meeting, put our bonsai on display once every spring, and hold other social events throughout the year [click for information brochure].



Benefits of Society Membership

1.       Learning opportunities: Chico Bonsai is an educational society. Or mission is to offer a full range of educational monthly meetings geared for members of little or extensive bonsai knowledge to learn the art of bonsai.  In addition to meetings, we have workshops, and demonstrations by experienced bonsai practitioners, providing an additional opportunity for members to learn new techniques and improve their skills.

2.       Community: Our society is composed of a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for bonsai. Members can exchange ideas, get advice, and make new friends.

3.       Access to resources: A member of Chico Bonsai has access to resources that may be difficult for individuals to obtain on their own, such as bonsai pots, tools, and trees.

4.       Social events: Our society has social events, such as exhibitions, a spring and fall show, and field trips, providing an opportunity for members to come together and enjoy their hobby in a social setting.

5.       Support: Bonsai can be a challenging hobby, and joining a bonsai society can provide support and encouragement to members as they learn and grow their bonsai collections.


CBS Officers

2023 Board Officers

Brad 2023-04.jpg


Brad Jenks II

Show Chair


Pat Gilmore

Carol 150.jpg


Carol Crijenica

Joel 600.jpg
Vice President


Joel Rainey



Barbara Ott

Board Member


Ruben Rodarte



Cindy Smith

Janet Board Member.jpg


Janet Weidel

Myself close.jpg
Topic Committee


John McDonald

Martin  Schwabe 150.jpg


Martin Schwabe

SCOTT. 600.jpg
Bulletin & FB


Scott Schneider



Penny Terstegge

Board Member


Leo Martinez

Scarlett Rhoades 150.jpg
Board Member

Scarlet Rhodes

Mike 150.png
Board Member


Michael Mattia

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